The Company

The factory of GANIS BROS S.A. is in a privately-owned building plot extent of 100 acres in the region of Milopotamos Drama.

It allocates:

  • buildings of production and deposits, surface 12000 square meters
  • offices with 2 floors of total area 900 square meters
  • pile of woods, in an area of 80000 square meters

The company GANIS BROS S.A. has invested more than 12.000.000 € for the buildings and offices as well as for the purchase and installation of modern equipment of production.

Some of the equipment are:

  • Nail machine, force of 110 HP, with automatic feeder of raw material for the manufacture of pallets (automatic nailing,, grouping), checked operation with computer, capacity of 4.200 pallets per eight hours.
  • Two log sawing machines (waterfall) Primultini Italy, provided with automatisms with electronic processors, camera and programs for the remote control of the charge of the trunks. There is the capability of cutting the trunks with big precision and his productive capacity is 500 cubic meters the first waterfall and 300 cubic meters the second, per eight hours, round timber.
  • Boiler room that includes 3 oasts and insecticidal booths total force of 54 HP and 1 boiler with force 15 [IR], capacitive possibility of 200 cubic meters each one.

For her needs of the company, there are privately-owned lorries, various self-propelled forestall instruments and privately owned garage for the extra vehicles.

Products of GANIS BROS S.A.