Treated timber

The Company GANIS BROS S.A. bought in 2007 from the Municipality of Dramas the DIMOXILOURGIKI Dramas company which has been successfully activated in the wooden manufactures for spaces of amusement, play grounds, beaches and gardens.

In the GANIS BROS S.A. company you will find a big variety of wooden manufactures, excellent quality of treated timber, secure and big duration of life, as: hedges, pavilions, pergolas, wooden bridges, various wooden settlements (refreshment stands, shops, kiosks, lockers room, deposits etc), bench, wooden tables, plates, flower-stands, buckets of wastes and a big variety of constructions for play grounds (slides, see-saw, swing, horizontal bars, mills, towers, rings, etc).

Our company undertakes the complete formation of the customer’s space, the manufacture and the placement of manufactures of treated timber and materials friendlily to the environment and to the human.

You can send us a drawing of your space and we will provide you the appropriate proposal based on the proportional equipment and all the technical elements that you will need for the better formation of your space.

The impregnation in our facilities is done by the application of air vacuum to the cylinder, in order to remove the air from the timber and then we fill the cylinder with the solution of the impregnation. At the same time we subject pressure 13bars in order to get the solution to the centre of the timber.

Impregnation of the timber protects it for a long time, up to 60 years from: humidity, the weather, fungi and micro-organisms, natural and chemical erosion.

Products of GANIS BROS S.A.